V&A in VR

When the V&A Dundee museum opens subsequent yr it should include tons of of design classics. However even because it takes form, it is already a trendsetter in development know-how. I pull on a pair of 3D goggles and I am standing outdoors the magnificent V&A Dundee. I can inform


1,450km in 57 hours … listening to one song on repeat

Enduring when the majority would quit is this Austrian’s specialty. The extreme cyclist lives to achieve the unthinkable: cycling across the Himalayas in a record 39 hours, setting world firsts in high altitude. This month he is to cycle non-stop the length of Cuba, from east to west, on gravel and dirt tracks, in extreme heat, perhaps tropical rain. It will be humid. It could be 1450km (900 miles) of hell. No-one has attempted this round-the-clock feat. The 28-year-old hopes